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Locate a variety of products that are perfect for a patient room or dental operatory room for dentists as well as hospital patient room equipment for other medical purposes. These products range from apparel dispensers for shoe covers and hair nets to oral care products suitable for dental procedures. These products are available at discounted prices, so you can find quality dental, hygienic and medical equipment for less.

Dispensers Ideal for Exam Rooms

We offer a wide variety of dispensers that are ideal for any exam or operatory room. You can find bulk dispensers for storing disposable hair nets, face masks or gloves, sign holders that are perfect for displaying messages for patients in your exam room or references for dentists or doctors, eyewear cabinets that feature a variety of locking mechanisms and access points as well as wall hangers that work great for mounting dispensers or organizers.

We offer several brands of apparel dispensers, such as surgical apparel organizers and glove dispensers from Bowman or Ansell in a variety of quantities for any purpose. You can find the wall dispenser or dispensing machine that is perfect for your operatory room’s setup at an affordable price. Maximize your storage efficiency and space management with these useful tools.

Patient-Ready Oral Care

We also provide a variety of oral care products that are ready for use in your patient room. We have the ever popular Johnson & Johnson Reach dental floss, several types of Listerine mouthwash (in traditional bottles as well as pumps), New World Imports alcohol-free mouthwash, Freshmint® anticavity fluoride toothpaste and so much more. Find a variety of toothbrushes, including pediatric, short handled, thumbprint handled, that are perfect for handing out to patients following their visits as well as toothbrushes ideal for any application. Be sure to check out our denture supplies and Neutrogena products as well for a comprehensive selection of items perfect for your patients’ needs.

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$ 96.00 $ 86.40 86.4 USD
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