At DuraPro Health, we offer a wide variety of irrigation syringes for both dental and medical purposes. These syringes are ideal for use in sanitizing wounds, measuring and distributing medication, irrigating eyes or nasal passages and much more. No matter what your purpose is, youā€™ll find a selection of irrigation syringes in a variety of sizes and forms and for different applications, all available at great prices in our store.

A Wide Variety for Many Applications

Our selection of irrigation syringes offers many different designs that fit a wide variety of needs, including dental and medical applications. We offer catheter tip syringes for flushing and cleaning catheters or gastronomy tubing, ear bulb syringes to remove excess earwax and foreign materials from the ear, bulb irrigation syringes ideal for cleaning and irrigating packed wounds, thumb control ring syringes for precise measurements and easy usage and much more. We also sell irrigation syringe trays for optimal fluid control and maximum fluid retrieval and administration.Ā 

Our products are sold in bulk at wholesale prices with sterile and non-sterile options available. These irrigation syringes can be utilized for many purposes, such as the distribution of saline in a controlled manner or the distribution of liquid food or oral medicine in an unintrusive way for animals or infants.

Premiere Prices and Great Savings

Our products are sold wholesale to maximize your savings. You can find a variety of quantities as well as bulk options for multiple sizes of irrigation syringes in this section. We also offer a price match guarantee ā€” DuraPro Health will match any competitor's regular price for identical, in-stock merchandise, equivalent to the total charge, including shipping and any other fees that may apply.Ā 

Select any individual product to view more information regarding its product model, manufacturer, condition, quantity and size. If you have any questions regarding these products or need assistance in selecting the ideal irrigation syringe for your purposes, you can contact us directly.

Exel Catheter Tip Syringes/30-35cc, Eccentric
$Ā 108.00 $Ā 97.20 97.2 USD
BD Catheter Tip Syringe/2 oz, Non-Sterile, Bulk
Call for Availability $Ā 194.00 $Ā 174.60 174.6 USD
Busse Kratonā„¢ Irrigation Syringes/3 oz, Sterile
$Ā 104.00 $Ā 93.60 93.60000000000001 USD
Busse Kratonā„¢ Irrigation Syringes/2 oz, Non-Sterile
$Ā 1,198.00 $Ā 1,078.20 1078.2 USD
BD Catheter Tip Syringe/Tip Shield, 2 oz
Call for Availability $Ā 228.00 $Ā 205.20 205.20000000000002 USD
Exel Catheter Tip Syringes/50-60cc, With Cap, Centric
$Ā 104.00 $Ā 93.60 93.60000000000001 USD
ADI Syringe Bulb/Ring-Top, Latex Free (LF)
$Ā 54.00 $Ā 48.60 48.6 USD
Exel Catheter Tip Syringes/50-60cc, Non-Sterile, Bulk
$Ā 228.00 $Ā 205.20 205.20000000000002 USD
Medegen Gent-L-KareĀ® Bulb Syringes/Non-Sterile, Bulk
$Ā 104.00 $Ā 93.60 93.60000000000001 USD
Cardinal Health Piston Syringe, 140mL, Catheter Tip
$Ā 134.00 $Ā 120.60 120.60000000000001 USD

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