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Choose from a variety of high-quality dental impression supplies when you shop for alginate at DuraPro Health. This product helps to produce highly accurate impressions to you can create custom-fitted oral devices for your patients. When mixed with water, the smooth, spreadable consistency makes it easy to apply to an impression tray. Then, it sets firmly while allowing for slight pliability. It’s even hypoallergenic, making it a safe option for just about any patient. Learn more about the many alginate applications for today’s dental practices and clinics.

Uses for Alginate Impressions

One of the reasons alginate is so popular for taking dental impressions is the fact that the molds it produces can be used for a wide variety of oral devices. For example, an alginate impression might be used to create custom veneers or whitening trays for cosmetic dentistry. When restorative work is required, an impression tray with alginate can produce an accurate impression for crowns and bridges. Corrective dentistry can also benefit from alginate when applying braces or retainers. Keeping alginate on hand is a smart choice for any dental professional since this material is used so frequently for various procedures and treatments.

High-Quality Impression Materials

Not all alginate supplies are created equally. There are some manufacturers who cut corners, which can potentially lead to less accurate impressions for your patients. In order to achieve the best results, make sure you choose from this selection of quality alginate products at DuraPro Health. We offer options from some of the most trusted brands in the field of dentistry, including NIVO, Zhermack, 3D Dental and Septodont. Our competitive price match guarantee applies to every product to make sure you get the best deal every time you order from our online dental supply store.