Keep dirty items out of sight and out of mind with laundry hampers and bags from DuraPro Health. Whether you’re dealing with items that need to be stored until they’re ready to wash or medical waste that needs to be contained safely and hygienically, we’ve got you covered. This selection of high-quality hampers and laundry bags include a variety of options to suit your clinic’s unique needs. Learn more about the types of laundry storage options we offer as well as the brands you’ll get to choose from when you shop for housekeeping and janitorial products on our website.

Convenient Laundry and Medi-Waste Containers

Many dental clinics are turning to more eco-friendly practices in this modern day and age. One of the best ways to cut down on waste is to incorporate reusable cleaning cloths. For those needs, a hamper can be a convenient way to keep linens safely stored and out of sight.

The most common application for laundry storage in dental practices continues to be medical waste. A medical waste hamper bag system is ideal for handling contaminated linens in a safe way. This helps to maintain a hygienic environment and makes disposal of these items much more efficient. Bags designed for this use should have reinforced seams and be made from a strong material that is resistant to tears, punctures and leaks. Dental professionals may also need to use color-coded bags to comply with OSHA standards.

Quality Dental Laundry Bags

When you’re ready to stock up on high-quality laundry bags for your dental office, be sure to turn to DuraPro Health. We offer a price match guarantee to ensure that you get the very best value with every purchase. In addition, you’ll be able to find quality products from trusted brands like Medegen Medical Products, LLC.

Blickman Industries Hamper 18" DIA Round
118.00 106.20 106.2 USD
Blickman Industries Hamper 25" DIA Round
144.00 129.60 129.6 USD
Blickman Industries Hamper Secure Care
164.00 147.60 147.6 USD
Cardinal Health Hamper Stand, Tilt-top, Square
268.00 241.20 241.20000000000002 USD

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