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DuraPro Health carries the tools for Root Canals and treatments, at great low prices.

REMOVAL SYSTEMS: Pac-Dent's Reciprocating Files are designed to safely and efficiently shape canals in a reciprocating motion. Pac-Dent's Pac-File Conform files are 490% more resistant to cyclical fatigue breakage, and when to much torque is applied to them they start unwinding instead of snapping off as regular NiTi files do. This visual warning allos user to that precautionary measures.Ā  Check out the prices, you wont be able to resist.Ā  Pac-Dent Rotary File instruments have a constant taper and ave available in .04 and .06 taper and ISO tip sizes 15-60, they can also be used with any canal shaping techniques for constant tapered files.



Pac-Dent K-Reamers Hand Files
$Ā 5.80 $Ā 5.22 5.22 USD
Pac-Dent PacEndoā„¢ Access Kit
$Ā 29.20 $Ā 26.28 26.28 USD

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