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Provide the perfect results your patients expect with dental composites and restoratives from DuraPro Health. Flowable composites are some of the most common supplies used in today’s dental offices. However, it’s important to make sure yours come from a trusted brand to ensure the results match your patient expectations. This collection features some of the best dental composite brands to give your reliably great results time and time again. And with competitive pricing on our composite products, you can stock up and stay within your budget at the same time. Learn more about these quality dental supplies available at DuraPro Health.

Uses for Dental Composites

Today’s dental composites are more versatile than ever. Different formulations can be used for all kinds of dental work. While largely used as fillings for cavities, there are many ways to take advantages of the way that composite materials can be matched to different teeth colors. For example, direct composites can be formed to repair chipped, cracked or gap teeth. Inlays, bridges, crowns and veneers can also be completed with the help of indirect dental composites. Because composite materials are cheaper compared to other options like porcelain, it offers a budget-friendly option for both your dental practice and your patients.

Dental Composite Options

Browse through our selection of dental composites at DuraPro Health to find the best fit for your needs. We offer a wide variety of flowable composites, many of which come ready for application in handy refillable syringes. Be sure to note the different shades available for each one to get the correct match for each patient’s teeth. You can also select your preferred composite by brand, with options available from top manufacturers like Nanova, Septodont, 3D Dental and Zhermack. Stock up now to make sure you have plenty of supplies for upcoming procedures.

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