DuraPro Health offers many Desensitizers.  The top selling Advantage Hemaseal & Cide Desensitizer which is approved by the FDA as a cidal agent and approved for placement in the dentin bond zone.

Beutlich Hurriseal Dentin Desensitizer Swab-n-Go Swabs, is a one step, soft tissue friendly chairside solution to sensitivity.

Mydent's Defend Desensitizer is a superior Desensitizing agent which can be placed under dental cements or temporary, Provisional or final restorative materials to reduce the post-operative sensitivity.

SDI's Soothe Syringes (Also in Bulk Kits) a sustained release gel, relieves tooth sensitivity caused by chemical and thermal changes.  Unlike other desensitizers, Soothe will not interfere with the whitening process.

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