Replacement Dental Lamps and Bulbs

Don’t wait until your dental lights go out to order replacement lamps and bulbs. By stocking up now at DuraPro Health, you’ll be ready to get your lights back on at a moment’s notice so you never have a lapse in your ability to provide the best care possible for all of your patients. With replacement products from many of the industry’s most trusted brands, you can find excellent options for illuminating your workspace when you shop on our site. Browse through the complete collection to find the right fit for your needs.

Reasons to Buy Replacement Bulbs Today 

A dental light may seem like a minor piece of equipment in your practice or clinic compared to other things like chairs, compressors and handpieces. However, every light is absolutely critical for making sure you have the best visibility when examining and treating patients. It might not always be easy to move a bulb from another light or bring extra lights into a space when you’re in the middle of a cleaning or procedure. You need replacement bulbs on hand to make sure you’re always ready when a light goes out. That’s why we recommend stocking up in advance. It only requires having a few extras on hand, and you’ll be so glad you have them ready to go when the time comes.

Find Parts from Your Favorite Brands

Our selection of replacement lamps and bulbs includes products from innovative and respected dental brands. By having such a great variety of brands from which to choose, it also makes it easier to find the right fit for your exact dental light, whether it’s from Pelton & Crane, Rinn, Midwest Insight, Gendex, Forest or one of the many other brands available in this collection. Shop now to get the supplies you need shipped right to your door at budget-friendly prices.


Air Techniques Vista Cam Bulb
25.40 22.86 22.86 USD
Dentsply TCU III Light Bulb
24.80 22.32 22.32 USD
Dentsply Triad II;D41 Light Bulb
61.00 54.90 54.9 USD
Forest 9030;3110 Light Bulb
9.40 8.46 8.46 USD
Rinn Duplicator Slimline Light Bulb
20.40 18.36 18.36 USD
Pelton & Crane Executive Cabinet 13W Fluorescent Bulb
11.80 10.62 10.620000000000001 USD
Pelton & Crane LF-1, LF-2 Light Bulb
22.40 20.16 20.16 USD
Demetron Optilux 180;360 Light Bulb
21.40 19.26 19.26 USD
AcuCam BulbWorks Model EFP
25.40 25.40 25.400000000000002 USD
Kavo Vicon Light Bulb
15.80 14.22 14.22 USD

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