Upgrade your practice with Marus dental equipment from DuraPro Health. With a variety of dental chairs to choose from, as well as replacement parts, this brand makes it possible to outfit your office with comfortable, adjustable seating while still staying within your budget. 

In addition, the brand offers dental operatory packages that include primary equipment needed for complex procedures. Learn more about the Marus brand and why you should consider their equipment when making updates to your practice.

Ergonomic Marus Dental Chairs and Equipment

Formerly owned by Henry Schein and now by DCI International, Marus has established its reputation through its dental chairs. 

What sets a Marus dental chair apart? Models tend to be affordable in relation to competitors’ equipment and place a high priority on ergonomics. Their dental chairs are designed in a way that not only creates a comfortable and relaxing experience for the patient, but also makes it easier for dental professionals to do their jobs well. Adjustments can be made effortlessly via touchpad or foot controls to position patients properly for examinations, treatments and procedures. 

Hygiene and safety are also considered with Marus’s high-quality, smooth finishes that are easy to clean between appointments. And finally, the sleek, streamlined style of Marus dental chairs also helps to make any dental practice look modern and inviting. To meet these needs, Marus dental chairs are manufactured with:

  • An electric lift or hydraulics, allowing the dentist to position the chair precisely and offering quiet operation.

  • A foot pedal for even more adjustability.

  • Multiple preset positions.

  • A choice of materials and colors.

  • A more comfortable design intended to align with the body’s shape.

  • Controls added to both sides of the chair.

  • A slimmer yet supportive profile that helps the dentist get close to the patient.

  • Armrests that let patients easily get on and off the chair.

For repairing its dental chairs and supplying practitioners with what they need to serve patients, Marus’s lineup additionally includes multiple tools and replacement components. This array covers handpiece accessories, delivery system parts, lighting, tubing, filters, vacuum components, chair and stool parts, foot controls, lights, scaler parts, cabinet parts and other operatory accessories.

Refurbished Marus Dental Chairs for Sale

One of the advantages of shopping for Marus chairs is the option to choose a refurbished model rather than a new one. Through DuraPro Health, each has been carefully examined and repaired to ensure that it functions correctly and offers excellent durability. Best of all, you get superior quality at a fraction of the cost, with refurbished equipment generally featuring 40% to 60% savings compared to brand-new models. Shop Marus chairs at DuraPro Health to get an affordable and reliable piece of equipment for your dental practice.

Marus Maxstar Radius Operatory Package
6,998.00 5,948.30 5948.3 USD
Marus Maxstar Operatory Package
7,978.00 6,781.30 6781.3 USD
Marus Maxstar Patient Chair
3,253.00 2,765.05 2765.05 USD

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