CPAC Environmental Solutions

CPAC Equipment, Inc. (CEI) is a U.S. company that manufactures primarily medical/dental sterilizers and silver recovery equipment. CEI's well-known branded products include Steri-Dent, Cox Rapid Heat™ and SteriSURE™ sterilizers. They strive to provide equipment that promotes safer health care environments, reduces operating costs and minimizes the potential for malpractice liability to it's customers.

Steri-Dent Standard Brushes for SV-7
31.30 28.17 28.17 USD
Steri-Dent Check Valve for Canister
52.70 47.43 47.43 USD
Steri-Dent Brass Canister Screen
44.00 39.60 39.6 USD
Steri-Dent Standard Mouthpiece Adaptor, Plastic
9.30 8.37 8.370000000000001 USD
Steri-Dent Sugical Mouthpiece
28.70 25.83 25.830000000000002 USD
Steri-Dent Mouthpiece Cleaning Brushes
27.90 25.11 25.11 USD
Steri-Dent Extra Tray for Model 200
Call for Availability Call for Price
Steri-Dent Extra Tray for Model 300
Call for Availability Call for Price
Steri-Dent Dry Heat Sterilizer #200
1,098.00 988.20 988.2 USD
CPAC Steri-Dent Dry Heat Sterilizer #300
1,498.00 1,348.20 1348.2 USD
RH-Pro11 High velocity Hot Air Sterilizers
7,230.00 7,230.00 7230.0 USD
Steri-Dent Porto-Dent II Cabinet
1,698.00 1,528.20 1528.2 USD

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