For over 10 years, DentiMax has been shocking the dental world with our mission to provide dental software that includes: Comprehensive tools designed to handle financial, clinical and digital x-ray needs; Intuitive, easy-to-use screens that look and feel similar to your Internet browser; Phenomenally low prices that are a literally a fraction of our competitors prices. By combining easy-to-use screens with a complete feature set and industry leading low prices, DentiMax is revolutionizing the dental practice management software market.

Dentimax Digital Sensors
2,998.00 2,998.00 2998.0 USD
Dentimax Two Sensor Bundle
9,498.00 9,498.00 9498.0 USD
Dentimax Three Sensor Bundle
13,998.00 13,998.00 13998.0 USD
DentiMax Basic Practice Management Software
498.00 498.00 498.0 USD
DentiMax Bundle Practice Management Software
2,398.00 2,398.00 2398.0 USD
Dentimax Versaray Sensor Positioning Kit
148.00 148.00 148.0 USD
Dentimax Native Capture Module
499.00 499.00 499.0 USD

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