Dental Stools

Make sure you and your staff members are properly supported at work with dental stools from DuraPro Health. Ergonomics are critical in dentistry and can affect the quality of care that your patients receive. By choosing adjustable, comfortable and ergonomically designed stools for dentists and dental assistants, you can help ensure the best outcomes for your patients and provide a better working environment for your staff.

Features of Dental Stools

There are certain features you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for dental stools. First, make sure you’re getting the right stool for the right dental professional. Dentists often use doctor stools, while hygienists typically use dental assistant stools. The former often sit a bit lower for close-up, detailed work, while the latter sit slightly higher for completing basic examinations and treatments. Armless designs are also more common with doctor stools to allow for more mobility during complex procedures. Certain stools may be better suited to exam rooms or operatories as well, so be sure to read through all the specifications and features to find the best fit for every space at your dental office or clinic.

Top Dental Equipment Brands

When you shop at DuraPro Health, you’ll have your pick of dozens of different models from some of the most trusted dental equipment manufacturers. Our selection includes dental stools from names like Crown, Boyd, Galaxy and more. Be sure to check out our selection of refurbished options to get high-quality, pre-owned equipment for your dental practice. These models are typically priced 40% to 60% below the cost of new equipment.


N4 Assistant stool
534.00 496.62 496.62 USD
D3 Doctor stool
438.00 407.34 407.34000000000003 USD
Galaxy Dental Assistant Stool Model 2045-R
838.00 779.34 779.34 USD
Summit Dental - Deluxe Doctor's Stool
594.00 552.42 552.42 USD
Beaverstate Doctor's Stool - Demo
428.00 248.00 248.0 USD
Galaxy Assistant Stool Model 2025-R
808.00 751.44 751.44 USD
Galaxy Stool Cylinder for Assistant
118.00 109.74 109.74000000000001 USD
Galaxy Stool Cylinder for Doctor Stool
118.00 109.74 109.74000000000001 USD
DCI Caster, Soft Wheel for Hard Floors, Gray
8.40 7.81 7.8100000000000005 USD
Caster, Soft Wheel for Hard Floors, Surf
8.40 7.81 7.8100000000000005 USD
Doctor's Stool
240.00 206.40 206.4 USD
A-dec Cascade 1601 Doctor's Stool
578.00 497.08 497.08 USD
TPC Mirage Doctor's Operatory Stool
468.00 435.24 435.24 USD
Beaverstate Doctor's Stool
528.00 491.04 491.04 USD
Galaxy Doctor Stool Model 1068
524.00 487.32 487.32 USD
Galaxy Doctor Stool Model 1069
588.00 546.84 546.84 USD
Galaxy Ergonomic Doctor Stool Model 1088
1,098.00 1,021.14 1021.14 USD
Galaxy Ergonomic Doctor Stool Model 2011
598.00 556.14 556.14 USD
Galaxy Ergonomic Doctor Stool Model 2012
558.00 518.94 518.94 USD
Galaxy Ergonomic Doctor Stool Model 2060
518.00 481.74 481.74 USD

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