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Dental handpieces are some of the most used tools in any practice or clinic. In order to keep them in good working order, you’ll need to care for them properly. This selection of handpiece maintenance systems at DuraPro Health makes that process as easy and efficient as possible for and your staff. We offer a wide range of products that can assist with dental machine maintenance. From cleaning to lubricating, these systems can help with all of the maintenance tasks your handpieces require. Browse through the full selection of dental handpiece cleaning machines and accessories to find the best fit for your needs.

How to Care for Dental Handpieces

There are a number of essential steps for handpiece maintenance. You’ll need to keep the exterior clean and sanitized on a daily basis, for example. Other steps only need to be completed occasionally, like using a dental handpiece oiler to apply the proper amount of dental handpiece lubricant. Using lubrication devices is especially important for dental high-speed handpiece maintenance since consistent friction without sufficient lubricant can cause unnecessary wear and tear. From time to time, you’ll also need to deep clean the instruments, which requires a special dental handpiece cleaning machine. 

Dental Handpiece Maintenance Systems

One way to simplify some of the most important handpiece maintenance steps is to choose from our dental handpiece cleaning lubrication systems, which help to save time and money with an efficient, automatic maintenance process. This offers the benefits of individual dental handpiece lubricating machines and cleaning machines in one compact product. They are easy to use and eliminate the risk of user error when completing maintenance tasks by hand. You’ll be able to choose from high-quality, high-performance handpiece maintenance systems from trusted brands like TPC and Flight Dental when you shop at DuraPro Health.

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