High Speed Handpieces

Make sure you have the latest in dental technology at your practice by choosing from these high-speed handpieces available at DuraPro Health. This type of equipment is about more than just speed. It can also make certain types of treatments more effective and allow dental professionals to complete tasks more efficiently. If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment inventory, high-speed handpieces are a great place to start. Learn more about these dental handpieces and their applications in modern dentistry.

Benefits of Dental High-Speed Handpieces

While low-speed handpieces are still widely used for certain applications, such as cavity preparations or root canal treatments, most dentists today also need to have high-speed dental handpieces in order to provide the best care for their patients. Because these devices spin at a faster rate, they can help with tougher jobs like the removal of tooth tissue without generating high levels of heat, vibration or pressure. This can improve patient comfort and get better results when it comes to dental health outcomes. Some of the other applications for high-speed dental handpieces today include decay removal, crown preparations and finishing and polishing restorations.

Affordable Choices from Top Brands

At DuraPro Health, we’re committed to providing a stellar selection of quality dental equipment and parts. In collection, we’ve balanced dental handpiece cost with quality, choosing products from trusted brand names and offering them at competitive prices. This includes some of today’s best dental high-speed handpieces, including models from Beyes Dental, Vector, TPC, J. Morita, Flight Dental and more. We offer ultrasonic, laser and air-abrasion handpieces, allowing you to select something that aligns with your preferences. With dozens of options from which to choose, it’s easy to find something that fulfills your needs while also fitting your budget. Start shopping now to find wired and wireless dental handpieces for your dental practice.

Bien-Air Black Pearl ECO Turbines
608.00 565.44 565.44 USD
Morita TwinPower Turbine 45° Head Handpieces (DEMO)
1,098.00 1,021.14 1021.14 USD
Beyes DuraMaX Aerosol Reduction High-Speed Handpiece
Call for Availability 538.00 500.34 500.34000000000003 USD
TPC Tornado Highspeed Handpieces L Series
548.00 509.64 509.64 USD
Morita TwinPower Turbine Standard Head Handpieces
1,098.00 1,021.14 1021.14 USD
Morita TwinPower Turbine UltraM Handpieces
1,098.00 1,021.14 1021.14 USD
Morita TwinPower Turbine UltraE Handpieces
1,098.00 1,021.14 1021.14 USD
Morita TwinPower Turbine 45° Head Handpieces
1,098.00 1,021.14 1021.14 USD
Beyes Airlight M800 High Speed Dental Handpiece
Call for Availability 454.00 422.22 422.22 USD
Morita TwinPower Turbine Basic Handpiece
548.00 509.64 509.64 USD
Flight Bold Series Standard Head LED Highspeed Handpiece
198.00 184.14 184.14000000000001 USD

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