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Make sure you have the best equipment to treat your patients by choosing new low-speed dental handpieces from DuraPro Health. We’re proud to offer a selection of high-quality, high-performance options from some of the top brands in the dental industry. Even if your practice or clinic currently has some low-speed handpieces, it’s important to consider whether it’s time for an upgrade. With dental technology advancing at a rapid pace, you need to keep up with the latest innovations in order to provide expert care and optimal results for your patients. Browse through this collection of dental handpieces to discover great options for any budget.

Slow-Speed Handpiece Uses

Because they are so versatile, low speed dental handpieces are a staple in just about every dental practice. With their slow-speed motors that operate at lower rotation rates (usually around 5,000 to 40,000 RPMs), these devices are able to assist in some of the most common dental procedures. The slow-moving motor offers the precision needed for tasks like removal soft decay with a gentle touch. A slow-speed handpiece can also help with finishing cavity preparation and refining rough surfaces. Low-speed handpiece motors also rotate at suitable speeds for tasks like trimming dentures or adjusting crowns and bridges. In short, these handpieces will be put to good use in a number of ways in any setting. Fortunately, the slow-rotating motor puts less strain on the tool, which ensures a long lifespan.

Top Brands for Dental Slow-Speed Handpieces

When you need to find new low speed dental handpieces from trusted brands, DuraPro Health has you covered. Our selection includes models from some of the top manufacturers in dental technology, including Bien-Air, TPC, J. Morita, Ram Products, Johnson-Promident and more. Choose from single handpieces, low-speed handpiece sets, straight or angled designs and other options to find the best fit for the needs of your patients.

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