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Stock up on essential tools for your practice by choosing from this impressive selection of dental burs from DuraPro Health. We offer a wide selection with many different types of dental burs from which to choose, including carbide burs and diamond burs. These products come from manufacturers which are highly regarded within the field of dentistry, so you know you can rely on them to provide excellent results for your patients. Start browsing through the collection now to discover more about burs in dentistry and make a decision about the types and sizes that you may need for your practice.

Many Types of Dental Burs

Different procedures call for different types of burs. Dental practices need to be ready for anything by having a variety of options on hand. Our selection includes popular options like diamond burs, which are often the burs of choice when working on ultra-tough materials like porcelain. We also offer a number of carbide dental burs frequently used for shaping bone or removing cavities. With plenty of finishing and polishing dental rotary burs, you’ll be all set for whatever services your patients need.

Affordable Dental Burs Prices

Buying dental burs is not just convenient, it’s also affordable when you shop at DuraPro Health. You’ll be amazed at the low prices we offer on this critical piece of dental equipment across a variety of materials and sizes. These dental burs also come from trusted brands like 3D Dental, NIVO and Pac-Dent, so you can count on reliably consistent and accurate results every time you use them. Shop now to find great deals on burs and other essential dental supplies.