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Find quality film X-ray supplies for sale when you shop online at DuraPro Health. As some dental practices move toward a digital imaging system for their patients, there’s still a place for film X-rays in dentistry. However, the supplies are not as easy to track down as they once were. That’s why we offer this selection of dental film-based X-ray equipment and supplies online. Simply find what you need, place your order and have the products shipped right to your door. It’s as easy as that, making it possible for you to keep using your trusty film X-ray equipment for years to come. Learn more about what advantages this type of dental imaging can provide and our product lineup at DuraPro Health.

Advantages of Dental Film X-Rays

Although the advances in digital imaging are exciting, many dental professionals are choosing to continue using their film equipment for some if not all of their X-ray needs. There’s no denying that the quality of the images produced on film are second to none. In many cases, film can offer an incredibly look into someone’s dental health status based on picture quality alone. Patients often prefer the comfort of film images as well. The film is flexible, making it easy for patients to keep in place during the X-ray, and the images are captured quickly. 

As an added bonus, film X-rays can now be digitized in a matter of seconds, which combines the benefits of digital records with the advantages of film X-rays. At DuraPro Health, you can choose from a number of wireless receivers, X-ray film readers and instant film digitizers for this purpose.

Affordable Film X-Ray Equipment and Supplies

Cost is another important factor when it comes to choosing dental X-rays on film. The equipment itself is easier to operate and doesn’t require retraining the staff. In addition, the overall costs of film X-ray equipment are quite affordable. At DuraPro Health, you can get competitively priced film processors along with X-ray film, film chemicals and other accessories you need for capturing patient X-rays at your business.

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