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DuraPro Health realizes your time is valuable and we try to be one-stop shopping for our clients. We carry batteries to cleaning (kitchen and bathroom) supplies. Automatic and manual Dispensers for C-Fold, mini fold, or Multi-Fold( too many to list) paper towels and tissue paper.

BATTERIES: When you need a battery that's common or hard to find, DuraPro Health has you covered.  We carry Duracell's Lithium 123, OR 3V (1616, 1216, 2016-various sizes), 6v, 9v, and 12v.  As well as AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, 76A, 1.5 also available in  Duracells Quantum with Duralock Power Preserve. DuraPro Health also carries a wide variety of hearing aid batteries and watch batteries.  If Your practice needs a battery charge we have them Duracell Ion Speed Battery Charger(AA) and the rechargeable batteries.

DuraPro Health also carries Energizer batteries as well as Welch Allyn's Lithium-Ion 1 cell, 10.8V, 3 cell 9 cell, 14.4V, and 12 V Rechargeable batteries.

CAN LINERS/BAGS: DuraPro Health carries a huge assortment of medical bags for all your needs.  Isolation bags, Linen bags, Autoclavable Biohazard, Infectious Waste Biohazard to Chemotherapy Waste, to Laboratory Specimen bags. In every size, zip closure, adhesive closure, to mil thickness.

CLEANING SUPPLIES:  CLEANSERS:  We carry Baseboard Cleaner disinfectant cleaner to Laundry Detergent and Pods and Dish soap in various sizes and scents.

EQUIPMENT:  DuraPro Health has floor buffer pads, dustpans, and broom, mops, Dial Soft Scrub, Utility Pails to Swiffer Duster, Sweeper, or Wet Jet starter kit

DISPENSERS FOR PAPER PRODUCTS: DuraPro Health has dispensers that are automatic or manual for paper towels or rolls and tissue rolls. As well as solid air fresheners.

LAUNDRY/HAMPERS: DuraPro Health has Waste Hamper Bags in large packs for your office needs, at great low prices.

MISCELLANEOUS: DuraPro Health offers those items needed yet often overlooked, all at great low prices. Flashlights, Solid Air Fresheners, Medical Abbi mats, Soiled Linen Lable, Storage container with handles (38.5 QT), Umbrella Stand, or Pump for a gallon bottle.

PAPER PRODUCTS: DuraPro Health can help your office/Practice with your paper needs. We have Toilet paper rolls in small packages to boxes or even the Jumbo rolls to toilet seat covers.  If you need facial tissue, dinner napkins to the ever-popular Geo/Pacific white C-Fold paper towels, and slim-fold or multi-fold paper towels.  Center Pull towel rolls, task wipers, prep wipes, waterless cleaning wipes. As well as MicroFiber cloths and Kimberly Clark Wypall.

PEST CONTROL: Let DuraPro Health help keep your dental offices/practices and waiting rooms clear of those pesky insects. Offered in sprays, strips, and baits.

WASTE RECEPTACLES: DuraPro Health carries Hygiene vomit bags with cardboard cone or Dukal's urgent assist bags.  Featuring a oneway valve that prevents leaking or spilling even if the bag is dropped.

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