Bovine Health

Make sure you’re stocked up on cattle care supplies by shopping online at DuraPro Health. Our bovine health collection features a wide variety of essential resources for cow care so you can keep your cattle healthy and strong. Our low prices make it more affordable to tend to your cows as well, whether you have a few or a few hundred. And with options from trusted name brands, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality products made specifically to prioritize bovine health. Learn more about the options available on our website and how you can save more by shopping at DuraPro Health.

Bovine Health Supplies

Caring for cattle takes a lot of hard work and dedication. We know how much it matters to you to get it right, which is why we limit our selection of bovine health products to the best brands known for reliable quality. That includes bovine vaccines and pharmaceutical products that can be used to address serious health issues in cows. We also have a number of dewormer and insecticide options that you can peruse depending on your cattle’s needs. Check out our selection of bovine accessories to find additional products like feeders, buckets and de-icers. 

Save on Cattle Care Products

Although we’re best known for our dentistry supplies and equipment, DuraPro Health is also a great resource for animal health products, including equine and bovine care. We’re passionate about providing affordable, quality health solutions for those who care for animals, which is why you’ll always find great deals on cow care products on our website. We’re proud to offer options from top brands like Sav-A-Caf, Synovex, Manna Pro, Bag Balm and Bovi-Shield GOLD. To get the cattle care supplies you need at budget-friendly prices, be sure to shop at DuraPro Health online.


Iron Dextran-100 Injection, 100mL
13.00 13.00 13.0 USD
Propylene Glycol 100%, 1 Gallon
55.00 55.00 55.0 USD
Y-Tex PYthon II Insecticide Tag 20 ct
48.00 48.00 48.0 USD
Topical Fungicide - 16 oz (Foot Rot & Ringworm Spray)
Call for Availability 8.80 8.80 8.8 USD
ESP Power Pak Red Boot
Call for Availability 9.40 9.40 9.4 USD
CPS Top Cap 33729-0100
168.00 168.00 168.0 USD
Metal Trough-O-Matic® with Expansion Brackets
28.40 28.40 28.400000000000002 USD
Trough-O-Matic® Anti-Siphon with Aluminum Housing
Call for Availability 36.00 36.00 36.0 USD
Trough-O-Matic® Stock Tank Float Valve w/ Aluminum Housing
27.40 27.40 27.400000000000002 USD
Plastic Trough-O-Matic® with Expansion Brackets
18.40 18.40 18.400000000000002 USD
Plastic Trough-O-Matic® with Anti-Siphon Float Valve
Call for Availability 24.80 24.80 24.8 USD
Trough-O-Matic® Stock Tank Float Valve with Plastic Housing
Call for Availability 17.20 17.20 17.2 USD
Anti-Siphon Orifice
1.40 1.40 1.4000000000000001 USD
75 Gallon Poly Oval Stock Tank
Call for Availability 118.00 118.00 118.0 USD
40 Gallon Poly Oval Stock Tank
Call for Availability 61.00 61.00 61.0 USD
150 Gallon Poly Oval Stock Tank
208.00 208.00 208.0 USD
15 Gallon Poly Oval Stock Tank
33.00 33.00 33.0 USD
100 Gallon Poly Oval Stock Tank
128.00 128.00 128.0 USD

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