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Dental X-rays are an important function of every dental practice. Make sure yours are delivering clear, accurate results for every patient by using digital X-ray scanners and phosphor plates from DuraPro Health. As any dental professional knows, X-rays are critical for a correct diagnosis and effective treatment. With these types of imaging capabilities, you can make sure you’re offering the best level of care while attracting new patients with your state-of-the-art equipment. 

Using Phosphor Plates for Dental X-Rays

Some of the most advanced practices today use dental phosphor plate scanners for their patients. This machine offers incredible convenience for dental professionals by collecting richly detailed images very quickly. They’re also easy to reposition as needed to capture various angles for a more thorough picture of the issue that needs to be addressed. Patients also appreciate that the thin, wireless plates don’t cause any discomfort. Phosphor X-ray plates can be used hundreds of times, which means they’re also extremely cost effective and help to minimize waste.

Upgrading Your Dental X-Ray Scanner

A digital dental phosphor plate scanner is needed to accurately capture and process images with your phosphor plates. This type of digital X-ray machine is easy to use and takes up very little space in the office, especially compared to older dental X-ray imaging equipment. The compact size and user-friendly design make the transition to phosphor plate X-rays simple and straightforward. Take the next step for your dental practice by upgrading to phosphor plate dental radiography with X-ray equipment and accessories from DuraPro Health.

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