Dental Delivery System

dental delivery systemDental delivery systems are designed to carry, position, and control dental handpieces and three-way syringes in operatories. There are many delivery system options including chair-mounted, cabinet-mounted, or wall-mounted, in addition to portable systems and dental carts.

Chair-mounted units are available as either traditional or continental style. Both chair or also known as post-mounted systems provide a control head attached to a flexible support arm that allows a full range of motion. Control heads of the traditional style are equipped with hanging holders for dental handpieces and syringes with hoses below the unit; in a continental system, the dentist equipment and handpieces are placed on top of the control head and attached to flexible whip arms to guide and retain the hoses.

Cabinet-mounted systems include rear and side, over-the-patient, and over-the-head configurations. Rear-delivery units provide access to handpieces behind the patient, while side-delivery units allow clinicians to retrieve instruments at either side of the patient. Over-the-patient delivery units (Chair mounted) are extended with an arm and accommodate instrumentation over the chest of the patient. Over-the-head systems occupy a position between rear-sided units and over-the-patient units. (Cabinet-mounted delivery systems can be traditional or continental.) Radius delivery systems swing to either side of the chair and are the best choice for multi-doctor practices. All others can be mounted according to left-right hand dominance. Portable dental equipment offers deliveries in either all self-contained systems or modular systems.

Most delivery systems allow access to a minimum of three handpieces, a multifunctional syringe, a control panel, and a foot control also known as a rheostat. Some delivery systems come equipped with other accessories like ultrasonic scalers, intraoral cameras, fiber-optic systems, x-ray viewers, and instruments trays.

Major manufacturers of dental delivery systems include A-dec, Beaverstate Dental Systems, Boyd, DCI Reliance, DentalEZ, Engle, Flight Dental, Forest, Pelton & Crane, TPC, and Westar

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