Tuttnauer DS1000 Steam Distiller (1 Gallon)


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    Product Information:

    • Products Model: DS1000
    • Product Brand: Tuttnauer
    • OEM Model: 9000
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: 1 Year

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    • Produces 1 gallon of 100% steam distilled water in 4 hours (Up to 6 gallons per day)

    • Reduces 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS)

    • Dripless stop-and-serve feature

    How It Works:

    The Tuttnauer Steam Distiller Model DS1000 system produces purified water by steam distillation. As the water temperature rises to 2120 F (1000 C), it kills bacteria, cysts, and viruses that may be present.

    (See Illustration Photo)

    1. As the boiled water 1

    2. Converts to steam

    3. It rises and leaves behind dead microbes, and other contaminants and low boiling light gases are discharged through the gaseous vent

    4. Steam is then cooled in the stainless-steel condenser turning it into high purity water

    5. Distilled water percolates through a final polishing coconut shell carbon filter

    6. It is then collected in the TritanTM carafe which is BPA free

    More Features:

    • Automatic shutoff after each 1 gallon cycle

    • Dripless stop-and-serve feature

    • 800 watts of power, 120 volt 60 hZ, fits standard outlet

    • Effectively removes arsenic, nitrates, sodium, chlorine, bacteria and viruses.

    • 1-gallon (4 liter) BPA Free carafe included

    • Item Weight 11.43 pounds

    • Dimensions: 15.25” H x 15” W x 9.75” D