Pac-Dent One File G Reciprocating File Glide Path, Taper.02, Tip 15 Choose length

The OneFileTM G system is designed to safely and efficiently shape canals in a reciprocating motion, and compatible with the same motor, handpiece and setting as WaveOne® Gold Files. OneFileTM G features unique shape memory NiTi alloy.

OneFileTM G — simplicity, economized.

Shortens the shaping time.

Compatible with your existing reciprocating handpieces and settings.

Ideal for a wide range of canal morphologies.

System includes Glide Path file, matching Obturators, Gutta-Percha points and Paper points


POC2115, Glide Path File, Tip 15, Taper .02, Length 21mm, 3/pk

POC2515, Glide Path File, Tip 15, Taper .02, Length 25mm, 3/pk

POC3115, Glide Path File, Tip 15, Taper .02, Length 31mm, 3/pk

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Pac-Dent One File G Reciprocating File Glide Path, Taper.02, Tip15

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  • Products Model: POC2115
  • Manufacturer: Pac-Dent
  • OEM Model: POC2115,POC2515.POC3115
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

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ONEFILE™ G Reciprocating Files

Buy 3 packs, Get 1 of the same FREE! 
Offer good through March 2023.