Quantimetrix Dip&Spin® Urine Dipstick/Microscopics Control


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    Dip&Spin® Urinalysis Dipstick and Microscopics Control, Level 1 and 2, 4x120 mL (Perishable product; Must be Refrigerated) (Ships on Ice) (Non-Returnable)

    Dip&SpinOur most complete urinalysis control - with new and improved crystals! Dip&Spin now features improved Calcium Oxalate Dihydrate (COD) crystals that are easily recognized by both standard microscopy and automated microscopy methodologies. Formulated with real human RBCs and WBCs, Dip&Spin makes for an excellent urinalysis dipstick and sediment combination quality control for the clinical lab.Compatible with most urine strip brands, manual microscopy methods, and automated analyzers such as: iQ®200, UriSed, COBIO-XS, sediMAX®, iRICELL®, LabUMat2/ UriSed2. Now with values for Roche Cobas® 6500.