The Benefits of Dental Nitrous Oxide Systems for Your Practice

dental nitrous oxide systemOne of the biggest struggles faced by dentists everywhere is getting patients to come into their offices. While everyone agrees that dental health is important -- 99.7% of people say a healthy smile is key to a healthy social life, while 74% believe that an unhealthy one might hurt their financial careers -- many people are just too plain scared of dentists to make sure they're receiving adequate treatment and cleanings.

A lot of people find sitting in a dental chair either uncomfortable or downright painful. That's why so many of them are looking for sedation options at the dentist's office.

If your office doesn't currently employ dental nitrous oxide systems -- AKA laughing gas -- it may be time to seek out appropriate dental equipment for sale. There are a number of ways NOS can benefit and improve your practice.

  1. Relax Your Patients. People who avoid the dentist because of pain or fear are likely to skip regular check-ups and only schedule appointments as a last resort for a serious issue, which then only confirms their belief that the dentist's office is a horrible place.

    Dental nitrous oxide systems offer double benefits as a sedative and an analgesic. When your patient is both relaxed and slightly numbed, it will ease their fears and allow you to work more efficiently.

  2. Increase Your Revenue. According to Dental Economics, practices that administer NOS once a week will increase their revenue by $200 to $250 per month. Administered once per day, revenues could increase by $1,000 per month.

    The up-front investment costs will vary, however. Dental nitrous oxide systems come in several shapes and sizes. Portable tanks for small practices can cost $2,000 to $5,000 while centralized systems could be more expensive.

  3. Spread Your Reputation. Despite the initial costs, you could see a return on your investment within a matter of months if nitrous oxide helps you see more patients. While most people manage to see their dentists twice a year, some may require more frequent visits, especially if they have a high risk for dental disease.

    A pain-free and relaxed visit with a nervous patient will encourage them to return for more regular cleanings. They might even tell their friends about the wonderful experience they had with your clinic!
Keeping patients at ease is the key to a successful and happy dental practice. Laughing gas is sure to keep your clients smiling!

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Why Nitrous Oxide Systems Can Benefit Your Dental Office