How to Pick Your Next Intraoral Camera
Intraoral cameras are one of the best tools a dentist can own. But how do you know what to look for?

Intraoral cameras are one of the best tools a dentist can own. But how do you know what to look for?

Intraoral cameras are a revolutionary device that modern dental practices cannot afford to not have. These lightweight, easy-to-use diagnostic tools can create better patient relationships, improve your accuracy and simplify case documentation and referrals. The ability to show a patient precisely what you’re referring to during a checkup is invaluable and can cause patients to accept your recommendations more easily. They might even start taking better care of their teeth! But is a dental intraoral camera right for you? How do you know which camera to buy?

What an Intraoral Camera Can Do for You 

When it comes to the benefits of a dental camera, these pieces of equipment have gained popularity for being one of the most useful tools a dentist can own. But aside from their enhanced visibility, just what makes them so special? Well, the answer is a multitude of things:

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Greater Visibility – Intraoral cameras give you the ability to easily see into every corner of a patient’s mouth. Mouth mirrors are very useful pieces of equipment, but a dental camera gives you the ability to see a larger snapshot of the patient’s mouth, all from the comfort of a recorded image. Couple that with a wireless intraoral camera’s maneuverability, plus zoom and focus only rivaled by that of a microscope, and you’re left with a tool that can provide visibility and capture it as well. 

Educating Patients – Today’s patient is privy to diagnostics shared on the Internet, but being able to educate a patient by example makes you the ultimate authority. Show your patients precisely what’s going on in their mouth, allowing you to pair your recommendations with clear issues and greatly improving your credibility.

Professional Communication – Being able to capture and record footage from the inside of your patient’s mouth expands on your ability to document cases and share information with specialists and on insurance claims. Precise imagery shows the full extent of issues and provides accurate diagnostics, simplifying communication processes.

What Specs to Look for in an Intraoral Camera

With the knowledge of what makes an intraoral camera such a useful tool to have, it’s also good to know just what features to look out for. The best dental intraoral cameras offer a range of benefits. Here’s what to look out for from trusted companies:

Image Quality – An HD intraoral camera will allow you to capture images with better clarity. It’s worth asking yourself just what you plan to do with the camera and how important resolution is as a result. Cameras like the Sopro 617 focus primarily on image quality in order to balance price and precision. Consider also whether the camera has auto-focus or manual, if it provides a lighting source or if it includes a sensor.

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Wireless vs. Wired – How important is it that the camera be wireless? If you’re working in a limited setup or with a mobile office, it may be important to minimize the need for outlets or cords. Wireless intraoral cameras also provide more maneuverability, though wired cameras do eliminate the need for charging — so it’s worth weighing your options.

USB Connectivity – With USB connectivity, you can directly connect your intraoral camera to a computer or compatible monitor. Options like BEYES Canaview Intra Oral Camera provide complimentary image management software in addition to a USB direct connection.

Adaptability – While some cameras have their features built in, others sell adapters and accompanying products in order to minimize the intraoral camera’s cost. If you’re unsure what you might need in your camera, or if you are specifically looking for a multipurpose camera to fit a variety of needs, options like TPC’s Advance Cam are worth checking out.

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