Dental Lights

Maintain well-lit workspaces in your clinic or practice with the selection of high-quality dental lights from DuraPro Health. Without proper lighting, even the best dentists can’t do their work effectively. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have the proper illumination for all kinds of daily tasks, from routine examinations and treatments to the most detailed procedures. Learn more about our collection of new and refurbished dental lights to find the best fit for your needs.

Getting Your Dental Lighting Right

Lighting isn’t just a matter of aesthetics in a dental practice. Instead, it’s critical to the quality of care that patients receive. Without the right lighting, dental professionals could miss certain issues during examinations or perform procedures and treatments with less precision. The mouth is a confined space to work in, which is why proper lighting is so important for this type of work. Dentists who are opening a new practice or updating older equipment should carefully select the lighting for each of space, from examination rooms to dental operatories. This can help ensure the best results for every patient.

How to Choose Dental Lights

Consider a wide variety of dental lighting options to make sure you have the proper illumination for dental work. Wall-mount dental lights and ceiling-mount lights are typically easy to position and situated far enough from patients and staff to avoid being in the way. Overhead lights and post-mount lights are other popular options when ceilings and walls aren’t available nearby. Don’t forget about other types of lights as well, such as dental curing lights, when choosing your dental lamp supplies. You’ll find affordable options from trusted brands when you shop at DuraPro Health.


10' Ceiling mount Whale LED Dental Light
1,298.00 1,168.20 1168.2 USD
8' Ceiling mount Whale LED Dental Light
1,298.00 1,168.20 1168.2 USD
9' Ceiling mount Whale LED Dental Light
1,298.00 1,168.20 1168.2 USD
A-dec 500 Series LED Wall/Cabinet Mount Dental Light
Call for Availability 3,673.00 3,122.05 3122.05 USD
A-dec 6300 Cascade Ceiling Mount Light
2,098.00 1,783.30 1783.3 USD
A-dec 6300 Cascade Radius Dental Light
1,888.00 1,604.80 1604.8 USD
A-dec 6300 Cascade Track Light
2,728.00 1,909.60 1909.6000000000001 USD
A-dec 6300 Cascade Unit Mount Light
1,468.00 1,247.80 1247.8 USD
A-dec 6300 Cascade Wall Mount Light
2,413.00 1,689.10 1689.1000000000001 USD
A-dec 6300 Excellence Ceiling Mount Light
1,678.00 1,426.30 1426.3 USD
A-dec 6300 Excellence Track Light
2,728.00 1,909.60 1909.6000000000001 USD
Amber LED Dental Light head with light arm
824.00 741.60 741.6 USD
Amber LED dental light
628.00 565.20 565.2 USD
Beaverstate Post Mount LED Operatory Light
2,298.00 2,068.20 2068.2 USD
Belmont Clesta Post Mounted Dental Light
1,258.00 1,069.30 1069.3 USD
Boyd C300 LED Operatory Light
2,098.00 1,888.20 1888.2 USD
Boyd S300 LED Surgery Light
5,098.00 4,588.20 4588.2 USD
Cabinet mount Whale LED Dental Light
1,598.00 1,438.20 1438.2 USD
DCI Reliance Post Mount LED Light 115V
2,198.00 1,978.20 1978.2 USD

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