Flight X-Vision Portable Handheld Digital X-ray


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  • Products Model: XR-3800
  • Product Brand: Flight Dental
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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Flight X-Vision Portable Handheld Digital X-ray

The Flight X-Vision Portable Handheld X-Ray is an ultra-safe state of the art system that has lower radiation levels than your traditional wall mounted x-rays. In addition, the ergonomic design allows the x-ray to be comfortably held in your hands and with one of the most intuitive and easy to use interfaces it makes doing a full mouth series even faster and more efficient.

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Dual Radiation Protection

Internal Shielding
The built-in internal lead shielding provides excellent protection for the operator and patient.

External Backscatter Shield
Radiation may reflect off external surfaces and bounce back to the operator. The Backscatter shield protects against unintentional radiation reflection during operation with a lead equivalent shield.

Longest Battery Life on the Market - up to 800 exposures

The X-Vision features the longest battery life on the market, with a full charge, it is able to take up to 800 shots with very low exposure times while producing the best quality images whether it's on film, digital sensor or phosphorus plates.

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Cannot be sold in Oregon, North Carolina, New Jersey, Utah, Michigan or Kansas.


5 Year Extended Warranty

Receive a 5 Year Extended Warranty and Free Shipping with your purchase ($1225 Value) of a Flight X-Vision Portable Handheld Digital X-ray. Offer good through December 2023.