X-MIND® Prime is the imaging solution combining panoramic and 3D X-rays, from general examination to specific treatment planning.

X-MIND® Prime 3D offers a multitude of acquisition programs thanks to its multiple FOV (50x50mm, 85x50mm, and 85x93mm). Once you select the region of the examination, the settings and dose are automatically adjusted. Price includes acquisition PC and AIS Imaging Suite.

  • Adult and Child Presets

  • Improved Orthogonality

  • TMJ section

  • Maxillary Sinus exam


  • Standard

  • Half Panoramic (right/left)

  • Frontal Dentition

  • Low Dose

  • Bitewing


  • Single (right/left)

  • Bilateral

  • Sinus

  • TMJ

  • Standard

FOV's for all Occassions: 

  • Full dentition

  • Single jaw (maxillary / mandibular)

  • Maxillary teeth

     (right molars/right premolars/incisor/left Molars/left premolars)

  • Mandibular teeth 

    (right molars/right premolars/incisor/Left molars/left premolars)

  • TMJ (right/left)

  • Sinus

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Acteon X-Mind Prime 3D Cone Beam + Panoramic X-ray

  • Installation Options

58,498.00 52,648.20 52648.200000000004 USD


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  • Products Model: W1200005-09
  • Manufacturer: Acteon
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 5 Years

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