AntiSplatr Disposable Prophy Angle is a unique and revolutionary disposable prophy angle designed from the ground up to improve safety for dental professionals. It bolsters your existing infection control protocols and helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination. With its precisely engineered dimple design like a golf ball on the outside of the cup to retain fluids and a splatter guard that eliminates the accumulated saliva, blood, and prophy paste from the outside of the cup during each rotation, it effectively reduces splatter up to 100%. The optimal positioning of the splatter guard, along with its unique shape with a thin blade that remains stiff during procedures, stays in constant contact with the cup while still remaining flexible enough for patient comfort. The latex free prophy cup is transparent to improve visibility and its counter clockwise spiral blades for optimum paste retention.

    ● Splatter shield removes accumulated paste
    ● Helps prevent the risk of cross-contamination
    ● Spiral blades provide optimum paste retention
    ● Bolsters existing infection control protocols 

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    • LSFAS-100Type: AntiSplatr disposable prophy angle, Soft cup, Pink
      Qty: 100/box
    • LSFAF-100Type: AntiSplatr disposable prophy angle, Firm cup, Blue
      Qty: 100/box

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Pac-Dent AntiSplatr™ Disposable Prophy Angle, 100 count

  • Pac-Dent AntiSplatr™ Disposable Prophy Angle

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  • Products Model: LSFAF-100 LSFAS-100
  • Manufacturer: Pac-Dent
  • Condition: New

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