Midmark M11 Autoclave Sterilizer with Red Display


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    Product Information:

    • Products Model: MID-STER03RED
    • Product Brand: Midmark
    • Condition: Refurbished
    • Warranty: 1 Year

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    Midmark M11 Manual Autoclave Sterilizer with Red Display

    With this Autoclave, the door has to be manually opened to release the steam.

    Self-Program Controls
    Programmable controls allow for creation of different cycle parameters for special sterilization needs. Programmable buttons allow you to change the following: Time (3 to 90 minutes), Temperature (230 to 275º F), Dry Time (0 to 60 minutes), Vent (slow or fast) and two program buttons. The #1 and #2 buttons allow you to store the change if desired.

    Pre-Programmed Controls
    Four pre-programmed sterilization cycle controls: Unwrapped (132º C or 270º F for 3 minutes), Pouched (132º C or 270º F for 5 minutes), Packs (121º C or 250º F for 30 minutes), Handpiece (Dental Handpiece use only)

    LCD Display
    Indicates cycle selected, temperature and exposure time for selected cycle. During the cycle, the display shows messages describing status of cycle. When the cycle enters sterilization mode, remaining time is displayed as well as temperature and pressure.

    Cycle Start
    (Initiates selected cycle)

    Manual Stop
    (Terminates selected cycle or function)

    Overall Dimensions: 22.38 D x 17.62W x 17.56H

    • Countertop area: Minimum depth 21 inches
    • Chamber size: 11inches
    • Día - 18 inches
    • 6.5 gal. usable volume
    • Trays: Two large - 15L x 9.12W x 1.12D, Two small - 15L x 6.62W x 1.12D
    • Water reservoir capacity: 1.25 gallon