LED-2000 PLUS Curing Light


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    • Digital Screen for showing adjustable working times from 5 sec. to 20 sec.
    • Polymerizes all composite materials in 5 or 10 secs.
    • Portable: Cordless operation with an improved battery life. (850-10 sec. cycles)
    • Powerful Output: P1-1400mW/cm², P2-2000mW/cm² (± 10%). Both offer 5, 10, 15, and 20 second curing times.
    • User friendly: P1 and P2 modes both have three operating modes with different curing times. Full, Ramp, Pulse.
    • Durability: Solid ergonomic aluminum body sets it apart from mass of plastic competitors in quality and durability. One year warranty on unit excluding light guide.
    • Ease of Disinfection: Seamless body design makes disinfection easier than ever.

    Includes: charging base, light shield, and tip guides.