5 Lead Shielded Acc Kit


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    • Number Of Leads: 5
    • Shielded Accessory Kit

    Model(s) this part fits: 3500, 3550, 400 SERIES, 4045, 500 SERIES, 602-A USP, 701S, 703S, 720S, 78352C ECG MONITOR (12 PIN), 78834C NEONATAL MONITOR, 791018, 8000 SERIES (DEFIB), (862474, 862475, 862478, 862479 - C3 BEDSIDE MONITOR), 900 SERIES, 90408, 90418, 90470, 90600 SERIES, 90700 SERIES, AAEMM, AAXM, ABBV, ABBY SERIES, ABEM, ABTM, BENEVIEW T5, BENEVIEW T6, BENEVIEW T8, BSM-8301A, BSM-8302, BSM-8500A, BSM-8502, DASH 2000 PRO, DASH 3000 PRO, DASH 4000 PRO, DINAMAP PRO 100, EAGLE SYSTEMS, EKR50, ESCORT W/ HP OPTION, EX-50, EXPI, GUARDIAN 1001, GUARDIAN N1001, LIFE DEFENSE 1, (M1001A, M1001B, M1002A, M1002B, M1165A, M1166A, M1167A ECG MONITORS), M1175A MERLIN CMS, M1177A VERIDIA CMS, M12, M1205A-C3 BEDSIDE MONITOR, M1722A CODEMASTER XL+ DEFIBRILLATOR (12 PIN), M1722B CODEMASTER XL+ DEFIBRILLATOR (12 PIN), M2601A TELEMETRY TRANSMITTER, M3000A VERIDIA PATIENT MONITOR, M3001A MMS PATIENT MONITOR, M3046A VERIDIA PATIENT MONITOR, M3500B DEFIBRILLATOR (12 PIN), M3535A and M3536A DEFIBRILLATOR, M4375A VERIDIA PATIENT MONITOR, M5500B DEFIBRILLATOR (12 PIN), M6, M8001A - INTELL/VUE MP20, M8002A - INTELL/VUE MP30, M8003A - INTELL/VUE MP40, M8004A - INTELL/VUE MP50, M8005A - INTELL/VUE MP60, M8007A - INTELL/VUE MP70, M8010A - INTELL/VUE MP90, MAC-LAB, MBP-4000, MD3A, MEDIC 3 , MEDIC 4 , MEDIC 5 , MILLENIA, MPM MODULE, N-1000 , N-200, N-250 , NVS, OEC-5102A (SERIAL #20156), OEC-6105A (SERIAL# GREATER THAN 22026), OEC-7102A, OEC-8108, OMNI-TRACK 300, Other Leadwires and Sets, POET 2, PORTAFIB III, SOLAR 3000, SOLAR 8000, SOLAR 9500, SYSTEM 5 NEW, TEC-5200A, TEC-7100A, TEC-7200A, TEC-7300A, TEK-413, TEK-414, TEK-511, TEK-512, TEK-514, TEK-521, TRAM 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, and AR, TVS, ULTRAVIEW MONITORS (90496), UNITY SYSTEMS, VITALERT 1000 and 2000

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