Leadwire Adaptor Kit


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    • Includes 10 adaptors individually labeled with leadwire identifiers
    • Adapts banana plugs or pins to tab or snap electrodes
    • Widest contact area for superior trace quality
    • Flat, wide bodied design helps prevent twisting
    • Durable construction - built to last

    Model(s) this part fits: 1200 ST, 1500A ECG MONITOR, 1500B ECG MONITOR, 1504A ECG MONITOR, 1506A ECG MONITOR, 1511A ECG MONITOR, 1511B ECG MONITOR, 300, 335, 337, 365 CARDIOTRACER, 375 CARDIOTRACER, 375-11, AT-1, AT-10, AT-2, AT-2 PLUS, Atria 3000, CARDIOCARE 2000, CARDIOTOUCH 3000, E350, E350 I, E550, E560, ECG 5151A, ECG 5403A, ECG 6151A, ECG 6306A , ECG 6353A, ECG 6543A, ECG 6551A, ECG 7514A, ECG 8110A, ECG 8240A, ECG 8330A, ECG 8350A , ECG 8370A, ECG 9340A, ECLIPSE 4, ECLIPSE 400, ECLIPSE 8, ECLIPSE 800, ECLIPSE 850, ECLIPSE 850 PLUS, ECLIPSE LE, ECLIPSE LE II, ECLIPSE LEI, EK-1, EK-10, EK-2, EK-3, EK-4, EK-5, EK-5A, ELI 250, ELITE, ELITE II, HELLIGE EX-51, HELLIGE MICROSMART, M1770A PAGEWRITER 300Pi, M1771A PAGEWRITER 200, M1772A PAGEWRITER 100, MAC 1000, MAC 1100, MAC 1200, MAC 1600, MAC 400, MAC 500, MAC 600, MAC 800, PLUS, Q-STRESS