KaVo OP 2D Panoramic X-ray


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    Product Information:

    • Products Model: KAV-PANO01
    • Product Brand: KaVo
    • Condition: Refurbished
    • Warranty: 1 Year

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    Free Delivery, Training and Waranty

     KaVo OP 2D panoramic imaging features a wide variety of views including standard panoramic, pediatric panoramic, TMJ and bitewing.  Selecting the image needed is a simple one-click operation.

    Full upgradability:

    The OP 2D panoramic unit is completely upgradeable. Choose the addition of cephalometric imaging, or completely upgrade and choose to add 2D imaging to your practice for even more diagnostic options.

    The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPHâ„¢, introduced over 50 years ago, was a revolutionary groundbreaker and pacesetter for dental panoramic X-ray imaging.

    Today, with more than 60,000 units sold, the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPHâ„¢ systems are regarded as the leading name and benchmark in the X-ray world.

    With the ORTHOfocus™ feature, the optimum panoramic layer is automatically obtained. This results in easing the patient positioning process and delivering consistent and repeatable image quality even with differences in patient anatomy. 

    The 9 second standard and pediatric panoramic scan times provide clear image definition, with fewer movement artifacts as well as a lower dose to the patient.

    This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with a breaker to insure consistent current.

    Technical Details

    2D / CBCT

    Image detector


    Image voxel size

    80–400 μm

    Tube voltage

    95 kV

    Tube current

    2–12.5 mA

    Scan time

    10–20 s

    Image volume sizes (H x Ø)

    5x 5, 6x 9, 9x 11, 9x 14 cm (optional)
    Volume height and location are adjustable
    through SMARTVIEWâ„¢ 2.0 interface.

    Wheelchair accessible



    Image receptor


    Pixel size (sensor & image)

    99 µm

    Tube voltage

    60–90 kV

    Tube current

    2–16 mA

    Scan time

    9 s

    Image field height

    147 mm

    Imaging programs

    Standard, Segmented, Pediatric, Lat TMJ, Bitewing


    Tube focal spot

    0.5 IEC 336 (IEC 60336/2005)

    DICOM** support

    Available as a software option

    The device meets the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU without any exemptions mentioned in Annex IV.

    Details on the system requirements can be found on our Internet pages or can be requested at technical service.
    * Carpus imaging with optional holder.
    ** DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for their standard publications on the digital exchange of medical data.