Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph OP 200 D Panoramic X-ray

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  • Products Model: INS-PANO07
  • Product Brand: Instrumentarium
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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  • Panoramic: OP200 D delivers standard and pediatric panoramic as well as advanced imaging programs such as Orthogonal, Ortho Zone, Wide Arch and Sinus Maxillary. OP200 D also provides a wide range of TMJ exams including lateral and PA views and volumetric tomography programs.
  • Birewing Program: OP200 D features a bitewing-like view for a quick and easy alternative to intraoral bitewing X-rays. (NOTE: subject to availability)
  • Touch Panel: Featuring an easy to use menu and intuitive workflow, the 12.1 inch SmartPad makes imaging programming fast and simple. (NOTE: subject to availability)
  • Standing Design: The unit's open design facilitates patient positioning from either side.
  • Auto Pan: OP200 D's patented method for dose controlled Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) measures patient bone thickness to define individual exposure values for different sized patients. The unit's innovative Automatic Spine Compensation (ASC) feature reduces spinal shadows.
  • Ceph Upgradeable: As your practice needs change, OP200 D can be upgraded with a cephalometric arm for premium cephalometric imaging. (NOTE: subject to availability)
  • Compact Design: The compact, streamlined OP200 D was designed to fit into almost any practice setting.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: OP200 D provides convenient wheelchair access. 
  • Pictured monitor NOT included.

Acquisition computer included

This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with a breaker as well as a line conditioner to ensure more consistent current and protection against power surges.

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