Acteon X-Mind Unity Intraoral X-ray

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    Product Information:

    • Products Model: HXMU-TS
    • Product Brand: Acteon
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: 5 Years

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    With its elegant style coupled with cutting-edge patented ACE technology, X-MIND UNITY brings the standard of X-ray generators to a new level. Perfect accuracy and patient protection are what no other X-ray system has been able to reach so far.

    More Inventive

    Combined with the X-Mind® unity intraoral X-ray generator, SOPIX® inside with ACE technology limits the emission of X-rays during the acquisition to the necessary amount for the patient’s morphology. It uses the minimum dose required to provide a high-quality image.

    Less Invasive

    Using X-Mind® unity intraoral X-ray generator with SOPIX® inside, the patients receive the minimum dose required for their dental morphology. Patients and staf are protected from unnecessary radiation.

    The X-Mind® unity has a 0.4 mm focal spot. It has several configurable radiological settings: • the anodic voltage (60, 65, and 70 kV) • the anodic current (from 4 to 7 mA) These parameters ensure a sharp and contrasted image with defined contours.

    X-Mind® unity is pre-wired to allow for the integration of the SOPIX® digital sensor. Therefore, you can simply connect it to your X-Mind® unity at the time of installation or anytime in the future.

    SOPIX® inside enables integration without any visible cables. SOPIX® inside connects effortlessly to the X-Mind® unity without technical assistance within a minute. Plug and Play!

    Choose from a variety of cones to better fit to your clinical needs:

    • HXMU-TS Top 40 Short cone
    • HXMU-TM Top 80 Short cone
    • HXMU-TL Top 110 Short Cone
    • HXMU-BS Bottom 40 Short Cone
    • HXMU-BM Bottom 80 Short Cone
    • HXMU-BL Bottom 110 Short Cone