Flight IRIS LED Retro-Fit Upgrade


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Product Information:

  • Products Model: RFL-306DCI RFL-306GA RFL-306GB RFL-306GBX RFL-306GMA RFL-306GMI RFL-306GPP RFL-306GPY
  • Product Brand: Flight Dental
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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The IRIS ® LED light is the only LED light used in dental applications with the technology to adjust the color temperature from 4.200-6.000 Kelvin and light intensity from 8,000-35,000 lux. Recent studies have shown that by adjusting the color temperature in surgical procedures, it can increase concentration and contrast between different soft tissues. In addition, the absence of UV (Ultra Violet) and IR (Infrared) radiation has shown to increase patient and operator comfort. The life expectancy of our LEDs is about 50,000 hours compared to a good halogen bulb which lasts between 3000-5000 hours.

IRIS ® LEDs are made entirely in aluminum which can be powder coated in all RAL colors. The new aluminum handles also provide strength in maneuvering the operating light across its triple-axis. The handle also has a removable sheath that can be taken off for autoclaving. There are several mounting options available. i.e. wall mount, ceiling mount, track mount or unit mount applications available.


  • Color Temperature: 4200K - 6000K
  • Light Intensity (Lux): 8,000 – 35,000 Lux

Mounting Options:

                                •  RFL-306GA - IRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for A-dec 6300 
                                •  RFL-306GPY - IRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for Pelton LFII, LFIII (Yoke Style
                                •  RFL-306GPP - IRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for Pelton LFII, LFIII (Pin Style)
                                •  RFL-306GB - IRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for Belmont Clesta
                                •  RFL-306GBX - IRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for Belmont X-Calibur
                                •  RFL-306GDCI - IRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for DCI
                                •  RFL-306GMA - IRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for MARUS
                                •  RFL-306GMI - IRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for MIDMARK


                                • LED Lamp Consumption (50VA)
                                • Input Voltage (110/220 V, 50/60 Hz)
                                • Output Voltage (12-24 Vac) 50-60Hz
                                • Colour Temperature ( 4200 – 6000 K)
                                • Light Intensity (High 35,000 Lux; Low 8,000 Lux)
                                • Focal Length (70 cm)
                                • Light Pattern (7 cm X 14 cm)

                                Product Features:

                                • Free Movement as a result of 3rd axis
                                • Low Energy Consumption < 50VA
                                • No Fan, less noise and improved working conditions
                                • Low Heat Production
                                • Touchpad Control for 3 preset settings (Cure Safe Mode, Color Matching – Natural Daylight, Surgical Setting)
                                • 5 step adjustable color temperature and light intensity
                                • Minimum LED lifetime is about 50,000 hours
                                • Made in Italy

                                Anti- Polymerization Mode (4200 k) – Minimizes blue emission, preventing the curing of composites

                                Surgical Setting (4500K) – Optimizes the color contrast on the soft tissues and thus allowing a better distinction between the shades of the gums and blood

                                Color Matching – Natural Daylight (5500K) – Creates a combination of cool and warm LEDs that maximizes the CRI to produce a natural daylight illumination for color and shade matching