• 4-11/16" x 4-11/16" x 1-1/2"; Includes mounting hardware
  • Aluminum housing
  • Ball bearing

Model(s) This Part Fits: ACL2S2, ACL4D2, ACL6T2, ACO2S2, ACO4D2, ACO6T2, ACO8D2, ACORD2D2, Air Techniques - Dental Compressors, AirStarĀ® 2-2, AirStarĀ® 3, AirStarĀ® 5, AirStarĀ® 7, AirStarĀ®21C, AirStarĀ®22, AirStarĀ®22C, AirStarĀ®30, AirStarĀ®30C, AirStarĀ®50, AirStarĀ®50C, AirStarĀ®70, ALCQL82, ALCQL82D, ALCRL62, ALCRL62D, ALCSL12, ALCSL12D, ALCSL22, ALCSL22D, ALCTL12, ALCTL22, ALCTL32, ALCTL32D, ALCTL42, ALCTL42D, AMD-100, AMD-100-2, AMD-100-3, AMD-2, AMD-4, AMD-6, Apollo, CA 721, CA 723, CA 723, CA 725, CA 725, CA 813-D, CA 8212-T, CA 8212-T, CA 822, CA 822, CA 823-D, CA 823-D, CA 825, CA 825, CA 825-D, CA 825-D, CA 825-Q, CA 825-Q, CA 827-D, CA 827-D, CA 829-D, CA 829-D, CA 922, CA 922, CA 925, CA 925, CA 925-D, CA 925-D, CA 927-D, CA 927-D, CA 929-D, CA 929-D, DentalEZ, DR1 L-62, DR1 L-64, DR1 L-66, DR1 L-68, Jun-Air, L-62, L-64, L-66, L-68, L62, L82, McKesson, MDT McKesson, MODEL 62, MODEL 64, MODEL 66, OL-2000, OL-4000, OL-6000, OS22D, OT42D, OT62D, OT82FD, R42, R62, R82, Tech West/Turbine Industries

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Cooling Fan (230V) for Air Techniques, Dental-EZ/Custom Air/Ramva

    $Ā 58.00 $Ā 52.20 52.2 USD

    $Ā 58.00

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    • Products Model: CMF020
    • Manufacturer: Replacement Parts Industries RPI
    • OEM Model: 80516 (Air Techniques)/SEA95540 (Apollo)/3-08-0563-10 (MDT McKesson)/5451500 (DentalEZ)/JA5445000 (Jun-Air)/CF-230 (Tech West/Turbine, Ind.)/EM510305(Midmark)/2422(DCI)
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

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