Desiccant for Apollo/Midmark (Material: Activated Alumina)

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    Product Information:

    • Products Model: CMD093
    • Product Brand: Replacement Parts Industries RPI
    • OEM Model: RAM80100 (Apollo) / MDS-200 (Tech West)
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

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    • Sold in 2 lb. bag
    • Material: Activated Alumina
    • See Notes below for required quantity

    Fits: Desiccant Tank
    Model(s) This Part Fits: ACL252 (Early Models), ACL2S1, ACL2S2, ACL4D2, ACL4D2 (Early Models), ACL6T2, ACL6T2 (Early Models), ACO2S1, ACO2S2, ACO4D2, ACO4S2, ACO6T2, ACO8D2, ACORD2D1, ACORD2D2, ALCQL82D, ALCQL82D (Early Models), ALCRL62D, ALCRL62D (Early Models), ALCSL11D, ALCSL12D, ALCSL21D, ALCSL22D, ALCSL22D (Early Models), ALCTL31D, ALCTL32D, ALCTL41D, ALCTL42D, ALCTL42D (Early Models), OS21D, OS22D, OT42D, OT4FD, OT62D, OT6FD, OT82FD

    Apollo: Desiccant tank on models listed require 2.3 lbs. Apollo Kits #ACA85337, ACA85345 & ACA85340 require 2.3 lbs.
    Tech West: Desiccant tank (RDC-100) on models listed require 2 lbs.