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A dental panoramic 3D x-ray machine that combines performance, comfort and aesthetics.  The i-Max Pro 3D x-ray from Owandy is the lightest and most compact machine on the market.

This  is a well-rounded, everyday CBCT solution perfect for any budget or office size. Designed to achieve a  quick ROI, it’s the only CBCT unit that includes 2D, 3D, and CAD/CAM capabilities.

With its innovative design and wall-mounted concept, the i-Max Pro 3D offers face to face positioning that ensures your patients are in the best conditions for a better quality image. The i-Max Pro¬†3D¬†dental panoramic x-ray¬†delivers exceptional image quality with its latest generation of CMOS sensor and with new AI powered features it will also allow for cleaner, crisper images thanks to AutoMAR Technology¬ģ (Automatic Metal Artefact Reduction), as well as our new Dynamic Geometric Sensor Correction¬ģ algorithm.

The i-Max Pro 3D is the perfect choice for your dental practice, as it provides excellent image quality even at low dose, making it safer for you and your patients. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your equipment and impress your clients with the i-Max Pro 3D from Owandy, equipped with a state-of-the-art CMOS sensor.

FOV: 12x10*, 9x9, 9x5, 5x5 cm

  • Lightweight:¬†62 kg 2D version, and 67kgfor 3D version

  • Compact:¬†Footprint<1sqm *

  • Face to face positioning

  • Patient positioned in the best conditions, for a better quality image

  • Innovative design:¬†Wall-mounted concept: no column and no footprint*

  • Ingeniousprograms:¬†18 3D programs, 24 2D programs

  • CAD/CAM Ready:¬†Scan of impression trays, plaster models and radiological guides

  • A.I. integrated:¬†Overlay of DICOM and STL files

  • Surgicalguides creation:¬†Design of surgical guides, from a single implant to the complete arch

  • Artefacts reduction:¬†AutoMAR(Metal Artefact Reduction)by Owandy Radiology allows better reduction of artefacts thanks to a new algorithm and therefore better quality images

  • Eco-conception:¬†Lightest machine on the market =

    • less extraction of raw materials

    • less CO2emissions

    • fewer materials to recycle


This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with a breaker as well as a line conditioner to ensure more consistent current and protection against power surges.

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