GC America, Inc. MI Paste Plus, Strawberry, 40, 10/pk


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    Offers the same great benefits of regular MI Paste, enhanced with 0.2% sodium fluoride (990ppm) to further promote remineralization and protect teeth from caries development. Specially designed for patients at high risk for dental caries and dental erosion. Enhances mineral uptake without encouraging the formation of calculus. Safe and easy to use both in office and at home, and can even be claimed on a patient's insurance as fluoride treatment. It is also recommended for night use in patients with marked salivary dysfunction (dry mouth) due to medications, systemic illnesses, or salivary gland disease, because of the enhanced risk of mineral loss from dental caries or dental erosion.

    MI Paste Plus, Strawberry, 40, 10/pk (For Sale in the U.S. Only)