HydroLift Hi-Lo Whirlpool Lift w/10 gal extremity tank, 220V (P-10-M)


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    Product Information:

    • Products Model: 42-1070B
    • Product Brand: Whitehall
    • Condition: New

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    The Whitehall 220V HydroLift is recommended for the raising and lowering of a Whitehall Whirlpool to treat lower and upper extremities. The HydroLift is fully adjustable, raising the whirlpool rim to any height up to 32", 36" or 38" depending on the model being specified. In normal operating conditions, the HydroLift will remain as a stationary lift. However, both HydroLift and whirlpool may be moved by lowering the whirlpool to the floor and using the whirlpool casters. For 10 gallon P-10-M tank. Tank included. For non-US markets only as the table is graded at 220V.