Klip Posterior walker, four wheeled, blue, size 4


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    • Products Model: 32-2089
    • Product Brand: Ziggo
    • Condition: New

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    The Klip Posterior Four-Wheeled Walker is unique because the frame of the walker sits behind and to the sides of the user, allowing the front of the walker to be open and free. In addition to improving visual acuity of the user, this walker requires less energy from the user, encourages alignment and aids with balance. It will also help improve cadence, velocity, energy use, and step and stride length. Because the walker support is behind the user, this device also helps improve posture control and coordination as it encourages users to stand up straight. The Klip Posterior Walker features two wheels in the front of walker with two one-way ratchet rear wheels which prevent the walker from rolling backwards and away from the user. The new and improved hand grip design offers a smoother texture for increased user comfort. Additionally, soft rubber wheels adhere to any surface and prevent the walker from sliding backwards. Klip Walkers fold for easy storage and travel and will fit into most car trunks. This unit is blue, has a handlebar height that ranges from 30-37" and is suitable for users up to 190 lbs.

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