Kinsman Enterprises, Inc. One Handle Clear Cup, 4oz

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    A high quality drinking cup designed for healthcare. It comes with two specialty lids, is made of crystal clear polycarbonate and is practically unbreakable. The large open style handle is easy to pick up and hold with either hand. The mug can be used by itself or with either of the 2 lids to suit every need. The spout lid has a contoured spout to fit comfortably in the mouth. The anti splash lid prevents splashing and helps to direct the flow of liquid into the mouth. Both lids allow the flow of liquid to be regulated and can be used with a straw. Extra replacement lids are available and fit all of the Independence Cups and Mugs. Can be used with either hot or cold drinks. Crystal clear construction allows the contents to be seen at all times. All cups and lids are dishwasher safe.

    One Handle Clear Cup, 4oz (DROP SHIP ONLY)