What's better than heat therapy to loosen muscles and cold therapy to relieve pain and inflammation? One innovative product that does it both. The Recovery+ Ice/Heat Wrap Compression Therapy System is a hands-free solution for ice and heat therapy that allows portability and mobility before, during and after physical activity. This program provides a better way to treat sore or injured muscles without the need for inconvenient bags of ice or heat packs that you need to hold in place. The unique, adjustable design provides a snug fitting wrap that is worn to provide ice or heat therapy to a wide variety of targeted body areas. Simply slide the heat or ice pack into the insulated pocked on the wrap. Seal up the pocket and conform the wrap to fit where you need treatment. Because the Recovery+ can be used nearly everywhere on the body, the fit is adjusted and customized to your size, needs and the compression you want for relief. Comes with a reusable heat pack, a reusable cold pack, and a one-time use pack that provides 10-15 minutes of immediate ice therapy. The Recovery+ Compression Therapy System is the only hands-free solution for ice and heat therapy that allows treatment before, during and after physical activity. Because the wrap is adjustable, it can be sized to contour around most body parts including the neck, shoulder, pecs, biceps, triceps, arm, hip, IT band and other large and small muscles. The insulated pocket allows the packs to stay hotter and colder longer and protects the skin against either extreme temperature. Should more length be needed, there is an elastic extension strap attached to the middle of the belt that can be adjusted to fit. Includes a transport bag to make travelling with the Recovery+ a simple process.

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KT Recovery+, Ice/Heat Compression Therapy

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    • Products Model: 11-1527
    • Manufacturer: KT Tape
    • Condition: New

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