E. coli K99, K88, 987P, and F41 Clostridium Perfringens Type C Bacterin Toxoid. For the vaccination of healthy pregnant sows and gilts to protect their pigs against neonatal colibacillosis, E. coli, plus Lltterguard LTC provides protection against scours caused by Clostridium. The genetically engineered toxoid stimulates antibodies against heat labile toxin (LT) thus preventing E. coli from attachment to the intestinal lining. Vaccinate pregnant sows and gilts 2 doses at least 3 weeks apart with the last dose given at least 2 weeks before farrowing. Revaccinate 2 weeks prior to each subsequent farrowing. Dose 2 mL IM or SQ. WARNING: 21 day meat withdrawal.

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LitterGuard LT-C Swine Vaccine - 50 Dose / 100 mL

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    • Products Model: 10009938
    • Manufacturer: Zoetis
    • Condition: New

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