The most innovative Active Passive Trainer designed to motivate patients in a fun and engaging way to get moving again is here. The APT Performer by Richmar is a training device that is used for rehabilitation of upper and lower extremities with new and improved features that benefit both patients and clinicians. While it includes industry-standard strength and symmetry training modes for upper and lower extremities as other active passive trainers on the market, only the APT Performer incorporates fine motor skills, allowing clinicians to assess patient progress in a whole new way. Improve functional outcomes by enhancing strength and coordination; restore patients' ability to participate in their regular daily activities; measure and record progress throughout a treatment program. Thanks to the APT Performer, both the patient and clinician benefit by improving fine motor skills/cognition, strength, endurance, symmetry, range of motion, and cardiac rehab for both upper and lower extremities in an easy to use platform. The simple-to-use interface allows for a quick training setup with a bright, 8" color touch screen that tilts and rotates for viewing ease and comfort. Treatment parameters can be customized and saved for future use with unique, engaging gameplay for all training programs. Included industry-standard strength and symmetry training modes for upper and lower extremities and is also the first-and-only active-passive trainer on the market to incorporate fine motor skills training. Upper extremity handles and pedal rotate 180 degrees for adjustment according to therapy being used. Intelligent Spasm Detection with adjustable settings for spasm-recognition and remediation based on the Modified Ashworth Scale (MAS). For the patient's safety, there is a features automatic active-passive safety control with adjustable passive threshold. The whole device is height adjustable and is easily transportable with wheels found at the bottom of the device. Included with the APT Performer are anti-tip wheelchair hooks and straps for upper and lower extremities.

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APT Performer

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    • Products Model: 10-5990
    • Manufacturer: Richmar
    • Condition: New

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