TheraBand Exercise Station, Accessory, Exercise Handles with D-Ring, Pair

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    • Products Model: 10-1591
    • Product Brand: TheraBand
    • Condition: New

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    Exercise Resistance Tubing is the best fitness accessory that you're probably not using. Yet. Lightweight and versatile, resistance tubing is ideal to help build strength, improve mobility and increase flexibility. Designed as an accessory to the TheraBand Exercise Station, and Exercise Tubing in general, this pair of Exercise Handles increases the range of exercises that can be performed with tubing and is ideal for stretching, exercise, and rehabilitation. The Exercise Handles work by pulling the tubing through the D-Ring or connecting to the D-Ring with the Clip Connectors. The soft handle is then used to create a better grip on the tubing while performing upper body movements. The handle can also be placed around an ankle to work the muscles in the lower extremities. The handles allow those with arthritis or poor grip strength to use exercise tubing in training and rehab programs. They provide relief for the hands and allow for an easy, secure grip while in use. This is one pair of TheraBand Exercise Handles. Resistance exercise tubing and bands are available separately. The Exercise Handles are constructed of strong nylon webbing and are Latex-free. They are 7" long with a solid and durable D-Ring at the tip. While originally designed for TheraBand Tubing, the Assist Straps will work with any exercise tubing or exercise bands. Used in conjunction with exercise tubing, the Exercise Handles are proven to effectively increase muscle strength, coordination and balance as well as to decrease joint pain. Practically flat, the Exercise Handles are easy to store nearly anywhere and a breeze to take on the go. To clean the Exercise Handles, first wipe off any dirt with a damp cloth. Mix cloth with mild soap and scrub in a back and forth motion. When done, rinse with clean water and allow to air dry.