TheraBand Exercise Station, Accessory, Red (light) Tubing with Connectors, 18", Latex

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    • Products Model: 10-1581
    • Product Brand: TheraBand
    • Condition: New

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    Exercise Resistance Tubing is the best fitness accessory that you're probably not using. Yet. Lightweight and versatile, resistance tubing is ideal to help build strength, improve mobility and increase flexibility. Designed as an accessory to the TheraBand Exercise Station, this pair of tubes feature Clip Connectors at each end which allow the tubes to be quickly, safely and easily attached, and later detached, from any of the station's anchors. Because they're progressive in resistance, tubing allows users to find a level that suits them and enables them to change tubes and progress at a pace that's comfortable. Better than machines because machines only move one way and can be restrictive for certain body types. Tubing allows users to move naturally and work the full muscle from extension to contraction. This is one pair of 18" Red (light) Exercise Resistance Tubes featuring Connector Clips. Please note: This tubing contains natural rubber Latex which may cause allergic reactions in some people. Resistance Tubing helps add a new layer of challenge to weight training. Wrap tubing around the ends of a weight bar and anchor to the ground as you lift. Works with dumbbells too. In addition to easily connecting to the Exercise Station, the Clip Connectors also attach to accessories such as handles, wrist and ankle cuffs, exercise bars and straps. Not just for working out, Resistance Tubing is an essential aid in recovery and rehab, especially when it comes to working on hip, shoulder and knee injuries. Practically flat and incredibly bendable, Resistance Tubing is easy to store nearly anywhere and a breeze to take on the go. To clean the tubing, use a damp warm cloth with mild soap and allow to air dry.